A Conversation with Alex Smith, Founder & President of Atlas Restaurant Group | 11

Episode 11 June 08, 2022 00:36:54
A Conversation with Alex Smith, Founder & President of Atlas Restaurant Group | 11
From the Ground Up with Marc Weller
A Conversation with Alex Smith, Founder & President of Atlas Restaurant Group | 11

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This episode of From the Ground Up with Marc Weller brings you an inside look at the life and career of Baltimore restauranteur, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Alex Smith. Owner of some of Baltimore’s trendiest and most well-known fine-dining restaurants, Smith has an impressive repertoire of lifetime achievements, lessons, and insights to pass on to those interested in the business of hospitality. Among the restaurants his company owns are Loch Bar, Bygone, Maximón, The Choptank, and Ouzo Bay. Smith discusses his experiences creating and maintaining a successful business in Baltimore, why to build a strong team, and how every aspect of a restaurant’s design is so crucial to its success. Smith takes us through his Rising Tide Moment: his quarterly city-wide clean-up with hundreds of Atlas Group members and employees to impact the city positively, and the programs he creates for hospitality students to experience working a summer at an Atlas Group restaurant.

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