Making Places Better: The Future of Weller Development | 12

Episode 12 June 17, 2022 00:33:48
Making Places Better: The Future of Weller Development | 12
From the Ground Up with Marc Weller
Making Places Better: The Future of Weller Development | 12

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In this episode of From the Ground Up with Marc Weller, Matt Rienzo sits down with Steve Siegel and Marc Weller to discuss the exciting developments within the company, their proudest moments from Port Covington, and upcoming projects on the horizon. They explain the company’s recent expansion of its development team, their plans to finalize the Port Covington project in the next year, and the process of transitioning the project into the hands of new developers. Marc Weller describes his excitement to progress the company forward into its next phase and thanks his team and its partners, who played an essential role in the development of Port Covington. Listen to learn more about new projects, including one in Grand Bahama, and Marc’s goals to invest in the community, create experiences, nurture partnerships, and continue to deliver on promises made for many years to come.

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